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Take Back Your Active Lifestyle with Physical Therapy After Knee Replacement Surgery

Are you preparing for total knee replacement surgery and wondering what your recovery will look like? Discover the lasting benefits of physical therapy after knee replacement with Roscoe PT!

Do you want to see the best results possible after your upcoming knee replacement surgery? One of the most important parts of a successful recovery is engaging in physical therapy sessions to rebuild the strength and mobility in your knee, so all the improvements you’ve made will last.

While recovery from knee replacement surgery (also called knee arthroplasty) can be a long and trying process, those who work with a physical therapist can speed up their recovery and see better outcomes than those who neglect or decide not to participate in rehabilitation - that’s where our team of experts comes in!

Recovering From Knee Replacement Surgery

Certain conditions such as osteoarthritis can cause severe pain and limited mobility in your knee joint and surrounding muscles, and are usually the reason for needing a knee replacement surgery. More importantly, your quality of life is seriously impacted when you’re unable to do what you love because of pain or mobility issues. 

Those who undergo knee arthroplasty not only experience significant improvements to their physical health, but their confidence is boosted and they’re often overall happier in the long term. Why? Because they’re in less pain and can finally enjoy their favorite activities again!

There are some exciting milestones during the recovery process, like being able to climb stairs again or squat down without pain, but the journey to full recovery can be both emotionally and physically challenging. It’s common to experience anxiety before and after your surgery, or to feel defeated if you haven’t quite reached a recovery goal. 

You’ll likely have questions and concerns along the way, and that’s completely normal.  Having the reassurance of someone you can trust when you need answers is one of the many reasons those recovering from knee replacement surgery love their physical therapists.  

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Physio Treatment For Knee.jpg

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy After Knee Arthroplast

When you work with a physical therapist at Roscoe PT after your knee replacement surgery, you’ll get a personalized treatment plan designed to help get you back on your feet and start enjoying a more active life - all with the help and support you need every step of the way.

Here are some of the key benefits of physical therapy as part of your recovery from knee replacement surgery:

Pain Management

Through the use of several techniques such as manual therapy and gentle exercises, physical therapy can reduce swelling, improve circulation, and promote healing around your surgical site, which reduces pain and inflammation

Restored Strength
As the muscles surrounding your knee joint regain strength and stability through physical therapy exercises, stress and pressure on the joint will be alleviated, reducing pain and allowing it to support more weight during movement. 

Improved Flexibility

Knee replacement surgery usually leads to stiffness and inflexibility in the knee joint. Your physical therapist will guide you through exercises to improve the range of motion and mobility in your knee, which helps alleviate pain caused by movement limitations. 

Training For Daily Movements
Functional activities such as walking, kneeling, squatting and climbing stairs are important movements that you do every day. After knee replacement surgery, your body needs some practice before you can perform these movements safely and confidently again. 


Preventing Movement Compensations
While you’re learning how to navigate life with a new knee, it’s common to develop movement habits to compensate for the pain and weakness you’re experiencing in and around your knee. Your physical therapist will help make sure you’re moving correctly, so you aren’t putting more stress on other parts of your body. 


Returning To Work
Physical therapy is tailored to your needs and goals. If you’ll be returning to work, it’s important to consider the ways you’ll need to move so your therapist can build you a treatment plan for success. 

When you stay committed to your recovery, you’ll be able to experience the long-lasting benefits of physical therapy, keep the pain away, and live a more active and fulfilling lifestyle with the help of Roscoe PT.

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Every person’s recovery journey will be unique, and progress isn’t always linear, but the ongoing help and guidance from a physical therapist ensures you’ll see meaningful progress in a way that works for you. We can’t wait to see you!


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