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Hear From Happy Clients of Roscoe Physiotherapy...

Please enjoy reading and watching case-studies of other people just like you who came to see the Physiotherapy Team at Roscoe Physiotherapy:

Nichole Gaines, Sharpsville PA

An avid runner, Nichole had to stop running entirely as she began to struggle with unexplained hip pain. After seeing several other providers with no long term results, we were able to help her finally get to the root cause of the problem and fix her pain. She's now back to trail running and running in the snow, skiing, and hiking pain free!

Nola McGranahan
The Colony at St. Paul's, Greenville PA


Nola suffered from chronic neck pain for years. It got so bad, she was unable to knit or craft like she used to. Now celebrating her 90th birthday, she is pain free after working with our physio team! Listen to her inspiring story...

Kelvin Jordan, Sharpsville PA

Kelvin struggled with low back pain and sciatic pain for years following a car accident. He had tried everything from chiropractic to other physical therapists with no relief, until we were able to help him get to the root cause of the problem.

Marlene Sypolt, Sharon PA

Watch this clip of Marlene running in the grass just a few months after her total knee replacement! She NEVER thought she would be able to do something like this, but by receiving post surgical rehab from our physio team, she's now feeling better than ever.

Wendy A., Greenville PA

Wendy A., Greenville PA

"In October 2018 I had shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum, and a bicep tenodesis. My surgeon did a wonderful job and the surgery was successful; however, within two weeks following the procedure, I developed a case of frozen shoulder. I was told that I would need to have aggressive physical therapy 3-4 times per week to regain range of motion or I would have to have another procedure. And that is the last thing I wanted!


After doing some research and upon a recommendation from a friend, I made an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. Anthony. And I am so glad I did!


I remember on my first visit seeing the goals board with goals listed by other clients and thinking, “I’ll just be happy if I can lift my arm up enough to wash my hair with both hands.” I was really scared that I might never again have full range of motion in my shoulder, but the confidence that Dr. Anthony showed at my first visit that “we got this” made me feel so much better. Less than two weeks later, and I could lift my arm high enough to wash my hair with both hands!! Two months out, and I would say that my range of motion has been about 90% restored and with continued therapy, I have no doubt I’ll be at 100%!!


The knowledge, care, and concern of Dr. Anthony and his wonderful staff, MarissaLynn, and Brooke is unrivaled in the physical therapy community! The one-on-one care is great as they watch to make sure movements are done correctly and there is always someone on “posture patrol”. They explain proper body mechanics and always have the time to answer questions you may have. Bonus…..I have had nagging neck pain for the last 1 ½ year due to degenerative disc disease. About a month into therapy for my shoulder, I realized that my neck no longer hurts because of the strengthening exercises and the attention to proper posture!!


I could go on and on about how wonderful my care has been from the team at Roscoe Physiotherapy, but I’ll end here by saying that if you find yourself in need of physical therapy, you want Dr. Anthony and his team!!"

Cathy B., Hermitage PA

Cathy B., Hermitage PA

"I have had chronic pain in my knees for over a year due to Osteoarthritis. This made using stairs and getting up and down from a chair extremely painful. I have an office on the second floor, so I am up and down frequently. By the end of some days, I was in so much pain that it made it difficult to use the stairs or get into my second floor apartment.


I had tried injections, but they only lasted a couple of weeks. The pain was so debilitating at times that it was difficult to play with my grandchildren on the weekends. I had no quality of life and thought this was how I was going to have to spend the rest of my life. I started to see a new doctor who referred me to Physical Therapy.


A co-worker recommended I try Roscoe Physiotherapy Co... and I am SO glad I did. They were able to get the inflammation down and under control in my knees. They then began to strengthen my legs and back muscles to give my knees that support they need... He also showed me the right way to get up and sit down, and walk up steps to take the pressure off my knees.


I now know that I do not have to live with chronic pain. With the right treatment you can have a fulfilling life... that's what Dr. Roscoe and his staff have given me.

You set goals with realistic expectations and they give you the encouragement to achieve them.


A friend told me that I 'Have my joy back' and she is right. Where it was almost impossible to walk very far due to pain, I am now walking a few miles and a 5K soon.


My biggest joy is that I am able to play with my grandchildren again. Thanks to Roscoe Physiotherapy I will not have to live with pain, because that is not living!"

Mark M., Hermitage PA

Mark M., Hermitage PA

"I have over 15 years of health care experience as a Safety Officer. I was experiencing severe low back pain for about two years. I did what most men do and that was wait it out. I thought that like most pain this would eventually go away with time, but It didn't. I finally swallowed my pride and said enough was enough. I have known Anthony Roscoe for along time and knew how knowledgeable and passionate he was for physical therapy. I gave it a shot and started going to Roscoe Physiotherapy. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the high quality customer service I received from staff. Marissa Juliet Jovenall and Brooke Bresnan, what can I say. They were both very professional and courteous during my initial patient evaluation and room placement. Anthony was able to give me tips on poor lifting form and postural movements due to previous injuries I had suffered from playing football. Dr. Roscoe provided me with basic and advanced exercises and stretching techniques that have alleviated my low back pain almost completely. The amazing part is, that I only had to see him for a few weeks. Now I know that this is not everyone's case but you have to give him a shot like I did. It could very well change your pain! Anthony Roscoes knowledge of how the body functions and his best practices approach is better than anyone I have seen in over 15 years. I am currently back to lifting heavier weights again and keeping up with my two little daughters. Without Roscoe Physiotherapy Co. who knows what I would be able to do and were I would be at today. I know it wouldn't be back in the gym."

Denny F., Hermitage PA

Denny F., Hermitage PA

I highly recommend Roscoe Physiotherapy . I have had therapy at two other places over the years and this place is definitely the best1 They deal with you personally each time. It is one on one and it certainly helps to have the same person working with you as they know your situation and limitations. Dr Anthony and his staff are very warm and personable and treat both the body and mind with therapy , brilliant conversation , food for though and laughter. All these have made my therapy much more enjoyable and much more successful. Thumbs up to Dr. Anthony, Marissa, Brooke,and Lynn. 

Are you or someone you know dealing with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain? Are you interested in learning about how we can help you finally get relief and get back to doing the things you love to do? If so, all you have to do is complete the form below. Our patient care specialists will review your information and reach out to you very soon! 

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