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Embrace your Strength, and Join a Community of Moms Just Like You!



Join our small group fitness program
SUPERMOM is designed exclusively for moms at all stages who share the same goals!

Are you a mom who wants to level up your life so you can be a healthier, stronger, and better version of yourself—
for you AND your family?

  • Are you a busy mom who struggles to find time for yourself in your day?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the never ending list of tasks, events, appointments, and extracurriculars that fill your schedule week after week?

  • Are you constantly busy caring for your family at the expense of neglecting your own needs?

  • Do you feel like your best days of health and fitness are behind you? 

  • Do you feel like you’re losing your personal identity? 

  • Has your drop in self-confidence affected your relationship with your husband? 

  • Do you find yourself feeling more tired, irritated, cranky, short, snappy, unpleasant, and grumpy with your family?

  • Does taking time to exercise make you feel guilty or selfish? 

  • Do you want to maximize the limited time you do have for self care, ensuring you are doing a program that is not only proven to work, but doesn’t require hours upon hours of time to complete?

  • Are you ready to finally shed the baby weight and become a more fit, toned, sexier version of yourself? 

  • Do you find yourself thinking “I want to get back in shape but don’t know what to do or where to start”?

  • Are you tired of being around people who drag you down with negative comments about their kids or husband? 

  • After you have a baby, your body looks (and feels) different! There is a lot of pressure on getting back to your “pre-baby” body. But what if you shifted your perspective from getting back the “old you” and instead focused on building a new, improved version of yourself… redefining yourself as a woman who is a superhero to both her husband, her kids, and most importantly, HERSELF!

  • Imagine yourself BECOMING SUPERMOM!

If so, our SUPERMOM program is the program for you! Transform your body and mind by creating a stronger, healthier, more vibrant YOU who is PROUD of the woman in the mirror! By showing up for yourself through fitness and self-care, you no longer have to be embarrassed or stressed about the person you have become. Gain control of your life and show up for your loved ones in a way that makes you proud of yourself - and makes them proud to call you MOM!



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Program Details


Start Date: Tues May 7, 2024 (six weeks)

3 x 45 min classes / week

Tuesdays 5:30pm

Thursdays 5:30pm

Saturdays 9am


Roscoe Physiotherapy,
151 N Hermitage Rd,
Hermitage 16148




45-minute classes crafted for total body strength and fitness for 6 consecutive weeks

Small group of 5 for personalized guidance & support

Supportive community of moms to keep you motivated

We understand the challenge of finding time for yourself. Our program offers a guilt-free time for you to focus on your health, connect with other moms, and emerge stronger for yourself and your loved ones.

Reclaim Your Time, Recharge Your Life.

Spots are Limited. Secure Your Spot Today*


Unlock your path to transformation by filling out the form below and let's explore together how this program can align with your goals. Once your submission is complete someone from our team will be in touch to qualify, and guide you through the steps of securing your spot.

*Please note that our SUPERMOM program has limited availability and operates on a first-come, first-served basis, with each class limited to just five participants. Upon registering your interest via this contact form, you'll receive a call from our office for a brief qualification discussion and to confirm a spot with payment. Should the current program be fully booked, you will be placed on our waitlist and given priority for future programs based on your waitlist position.

For More Information

Call: 724-982-4266

Email: Send a message to

In-Person: Stop by our front desk for assistance

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