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About Roscoe Physiotherapy...

We help people in the Shenango Valley get back to active, pain free living

without the use of pain medications or injections,

- even when they've been told they just have to live with the pain!

One of the things we hear most often from people is...
"I have been to so many providers and none of them have been able to figure out


We can't tell you the amount of times we've heard this exact statement while sitting in on an initial consultation with a new Roscoe Physiotherapy client. And the frustration, pain, and disappointment in their voice at that moment is always the same. We've seen and heard many stories of clients going from provider to provider trying to find some sort of solution, and always coming out with one of the following (less than desirable) scenarios....

1... they're told they "just have to live with it"

2... they're given yet another prescription for a pain medication, anti-inflammatory, or steroid injection

3... they're told the only option left for them is surgery...

Thankfully for many of these people - they come to us as their "last resort". They're willing to give it one more try before they resort to one of the above routes. And to be honest, we typically find that they don't even WANT to go the surgery or injection route - it's just that they think that's their only option.

When these clients find themselves at our office, after their first consultation with a Physio, it is so encouraging for them that they often tell us they "wish they had know about us YEARS AGO". Because what we are able to provide people - that they haven't been given before -
is a solid and sensible explanation of the ROOT CAUSE of their problem,
and why it's preventing them from being able to do things like go for a run, ride their bike, operate their business, or even sit through a work day comfortably. And we are also able to provide them with a straight to the point, reasonable plan of care that outlines exactly what we're going to do to fix their problem, how long it should take, and what their financial investment is going to be. All things that you should not only ask for but DEMAND from your health care providers.

IF You are looking for answers, and afraid of never getting a true answer or solution to your pain, click below to fill out a 3 minute form and a Client Care Specialist will reach out to you right away to get you scheduled with a Physio:

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