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Is it time to fire your health care provider?

Is it Time to Fire your Health Care Provider

As we are rolling into 2018, we can all agree that we have seen some drastic changes to health care over the last few years. Rising costs and poor care have lead to frustration, hopelessness, and despair in people who are in search of solutions to their health problems. The “business model” of health care seems to neglect the patient experience completely. Often times we are shuttled into an office, greeted by a not-so-friendly staffer, asked for our prompt and preferred method of payment, and told to go take a seat and wait. And wait we do. Sometimes for hours! (literally, no joke).


The problem is we have accepted a system of care that not only doesn’t value our time or emotions, but often times doesn’t seem to value us more than the number on our insurance cards.


The doctors, nurses, PT's, etc. that you choose to see for services are all hired by YOU! They are paid with your hard earned money. Has the time come to ask the question, am I getting the value I am investing in?

Let’s look at 5 reasons you should be thinking long and hard about who you are employing to care for your health and well-being...

1. Rude front office staff:

One of THE most important positions of your healthcare company. Expectations should be simple. Are you greeted with joy and enthusiasm? Do you feel genuinely cared for when you call? Are you more than a “date of birth and insurance card”? Being the initial part of your care team, it’s vitally important the people you talk to and schedule with view you as a person and not a number.

2. Lack of time spent:

Are your clinicians taking the time to spend with you to listen to your story and all the things that ail you? Spending time to listen and address your needs should be at the top of the list in your standards and requirements. Many times solutions to health problems are missed, because the proper time wasn’t spent listening to the patient’s problem.

3. Uncomfortable or cold atmosphere:

Feeling comfortable and at ease makes it easier for us to talk about problems and symptoms we may feel embarrassed to bring up. Being in a warm and inviting atmosphere and with a person that has genuine interest and empathy for you is vital in helping to discover the “why” of your health problem.

4. Lack of cost transparency:

Nothing is worse than receiving unexpected and multiple bills in the mail, sometimes months after treatment has occurred. Prior to your treatment, your healthcare team should be able to give you a reasonable and near exact cost of what your services and treatments will be. And if you are still confused, they should be more than willing to help you understand your insurance benefits and what your responsibility as a patient will be.

5. They make you wait:

Your time should be valued PERIOD. Absolutely every effort should be made to get you in on time and out as efficiently as possible while effectively meeting ALL of your needs.


Due to the set up of our healthcare system, we often don’t realize that WE employ our providers for their services. The choice is yours moving forward. Make sure you’re paying for the experience you want and your time is valued! You should demand nothing less than an exceptional patient experience!

Contact us at Roscoe Physiotherapy if you are ready to live your best life now and get back to doing the things you know and love.


Got questions or need advice? Email us now!Or call us at 724-982-4266 to schedule your FREE Discovery Visit!


Roscoe Physiotherapy Co. is a physical therapy clinic located in Hermitage, PA. We specialize in pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, chronic pain and discomfort, and managing a healthy lifestyle.

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