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How people became my passion...

Anthony Roscoe


Have you ever had that nagging feeling in your chest that you weren't where God intended you to be? What defines a happy and well lived life?

As a physical therapist, every day I have the opportunity to help people overcome physical and functional limitations in order to live their best lives now. But why does that feel like that's just not enough? How do I explain that I want more for not only myself, but my patients as well?

When I first embarked on the journey to pursue my doctorate in physical therapy, I just knew it felt right. I loved fitness. I loved working out. I loved the way it made me feel and how that feeling spilled over into the rest of my life. Functioning at a high level is what made me the person I am today. You're telling me there is a job where I can help others overcome devastating injury and live a more healthy and pain free life through non-invasive and conservative care? Sign me up! God pulled me and I followed.

Despite what others told me, the impossibility never existed to me. Never mind that I was attempting to apply to a doctoral program that I had absolutely no prior experience in (we'll save that story for another post). I overcame the obstacles, got stronger, gained knowledge. I got my white coat and graduated with honors. I started my career on fire. Bright eyed and full of hope. If had to sum up my first 5 years of practice as a PT? Work. I started full time in outpatient orthopedics and immediately started several other PRN jobs. Long days lead to long weeks, lead to long years. Finances were good and I was helping so many people. I was building relationships. I became the "go to" for everyone i knew with regards to their health care and pain management. Life was flying by and I had the 9-5 American dream (well maybe more like the 7am-8-pm, but we go to school to procure massive debt to work our lives away right!!??).

And here comes that feeling again...

God began to move me in another direction. I knew I couldn't keep the pace up. And at the same time I knew I had so much more to offer the people that counted on me to get them better. I had become disgusted with the current medical and PT model. The business was that patients were a dollar amount. A mere minute number. It made me think about my loved ones. The people I cared about. It made me feel sick. PT had followed suit with the rest of healthcare and became a game for giving the least amount for the most profit. I knew in my heart things could be different. I knew God called me. Often times in life, no matter how large the obstacle, we feel certainty. The idea that no obstacle large or small can deter us from accomplishing our mission. The obstacle becomes the way. So here I am, with a nagging feeling that I have to help people? Who specifically? The answer is everyone. God empowers us all with a special gift. Mine is the ability to help and heal people physically, mentally, and even spiritually. My avenue for this gift is physical therapy, wellness, fitness, and healthy living. My dream and vision has created Roscoe Physiotherapy.

Don't know what your gift is? I can't tell you that. But I can tell you how to find it. Do you wake up every morning with that feeling in your chest that there's something more out there for you? This can't be all life is about. God didn't put me here for this. You know that feeling? Great... that's a sure fire sign that you're not using your gifts to your full potential. Now how do you find it? Simple... follow that feeling. But be prepared... God often leads us in directions that we never expected, to reach destinations we never knew existed. I look forward to serving you all in any capacity I can.

Happy searching my friends...

Dr. A


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