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Maximize Your Medicare Benefits: 5 Signs You Need Physical Therapy This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again! With insurance deductibles restarting in January, it’s important to make the most of your Medicare coverage and get aches and pains taken care of before they turn into something more.

While it’s easy to ignore constant aches and pains throughout the year if they don’t cause a big problem, it’s important to use your Medicare benefits to invest in yourself and handle stubborn aches and pains early.

But how do you know that it’s time to check in with a physical therapist for your aches and pains? And more importantly, how can they help you spend more time doing what you love?

Here are 5 of the most common signs that you might want to consult with a physical therapist.

You’re Waking Up Stiff and Sore

Mornings can be hard, but stiffness and soreness can make your mornings in the holiday season even harder than normal. This can look like waiting longer to get out of bed in the morning, pain when you first get moving, or soreness that shows up overnight again and again.

As we age, it can take a little longer to get moving first thing in the morning. But when you’re constantly waking up stiff and sore with achy joint pain, it might be time to ask for help.

The good news is that your physical therapist can help identify the root cause of your stiffness and soreness, offer treatments that help relieve your symptoms, and work with you to build a plan toward easier mornings in the year ahead.

You’re Having Trouble Sleeping Because of Pain

While many people struggle with some stiffness first thing in the morning, you might struggle to get good sleep because of nagging aches and pains that frequently wake you up or stop you from getting to sleep in the first place.

Sleep can be affected by many different factors, and you might have difficulty getting good sleep even without constant aches and pains keeping you up at night. But because of just how important quality sleep is, it’s important to take every chance you have to fall asleep and stay asleep more easily.

With the help of your physical therapist, you can learn what’s causing your achy joint pain before bed, learn strategies before bed to help fall asleep more easily, and finally look forward to getting a good night’s sleep this holiday season.

You’re Concerned About Falling

Everybody knows that stubborn aches and pains can slow you down during your daily activities and keep you from enjoying the things you love, but did you know that they can also increase your risk for falling? 

This is because nagging aches and pains can cause you to move differently, feel less confident on your feet, and lose your balance more easily. This is especially true during the winter months, when snow and rain can make the ground more slippery.

Physical therapists are movement experts who have special training in reducing fall risk and improving balance in everyday life. With treatment for your chronic pain, tailored exercises to get stronger, and more confidence in your balance, you’ll be able to spend less time worrying about falling and more time enjoying your independence.

You’re Missing Out on Time With Family

Time with family is one of the best things to look forward to during the holiday season. Unfortunately, when constant aches and pains become too much, they can cause you to cancel plans with loved ones or turn in earlier than you’d like.

But the holidays were meant to bring people together, so you should feel confident bending over to play with your grandkids and enjoying fun activities with the rest of your family. More importantly, you should look forward to the precious time that you get to spend with friends and family.

On top of helping you feel stronger and more balanced, your therapist can help you practice strategies to move more efficiently and conserve your energy throughout the day, giving you the confidence you need to make the most of your time with family this holiday season.

You’re Dreading Travel

Long plane rides and road trips can be uncomfortable for everyone, but nagging aches and pains can create even more stress and frustration around holiday travel. More importantly, a bad plane or car ride can lead to discomfort that lasts throughout the day and affects your plans afterward.

Even when you’re sitting or standing for long bouts, you should feel confident in yourself and look forward to traveling for the holidays, not worrying about seizing up and struggling with stiffness all day. With the help of your physical therapist, you can improve your joint health, learn strategies to stay comfortable for longer during travel, and better understand what leads to your aches and pains in the first place.

Even if you’ve been dealing with nagging pains on and off for years, there’s no better time than now to make the most of your Medicare benefits and get the treatment that you need for your aches and pains before the end of the year.

Gift Yourself End-of-Year Health and Wellness

As leaders in physical therapy for chronic pain, achy joint pain, and fall prevention, every physical therapist at Roscoe Physiotherapy is specially trained to help you overcome what’s holding you back and see the results that you want this holiday season.

With state-of-the-art treatments, flexible scheduling, and support from an expert care team that really cares about your success, you can finally beat your pain and feel more comfortable long-term. You deserve to enjoy more time doing what you love and use your Medicare benefits fully to reach your goals - we can help you get there!

Take that first step toward pain-free living. Call us at 724-982-4266 or click here to schedule your call: Book a Phone Call.


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