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Parents can be so stubborn!!!

Knee Pain Relief

My Dad can be so stubborn!!!

So I'm curious, can you relate with your parents --

I have watched him limp around for almost 2 years. Every time I would ask him about it, he made that same old comment: “I’m just getting old” he would say... “This is just the way it goes.”

Now trust me - I get it! Even when your son is a physical therapist sometimes you still need to learn things on your own. So It took a LONG time… but I finally got through to him.


He finally came to the realization that he didn't have to live in pain any longer.


So, after months (close to a year) of nagging him to come in for physical therapy, here we are - finally! Three weeks into the RIGHT physical therapy program for him. We identified the problem and immediately began making corrections.

Today, my dad is walking A LOT better. He’s walking up stairs one foot after the other. His limp is rapidly improving and his knee isn’t nearly as swollen as it once was.

And even though we still have a ways to go, we are finally on our way! On our way to helping him to feel the healthiest he has felt in years. Helping him to get back to doing the things he loves.


Yes, it’s true... our parents can be very stubborn; but we love them nonetheless!


That’s why it’s so important we get them the help they need. And it’s important to know that the solution to the problem exists!

At Roscoe Physiotherapy, we do just that! Physical therapy unlike ANY you have experienced before. Make sure your loved one knows - they don't have to settle for a life with joint or muscle pain any longer. Help is just a phone call away.

So, are you still skeptical like my dad was? Call or join us for a FREE discovery visit! Discover why we’re quickly becoming the “go to” provider to get you moving again!


Roscoe Physiotherapy Co. is a physical therapy clinic located in Hermitage, PA. We specialize in pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, chronic pain and discomfort, and managing a healthy lifestyle.


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