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4 Easy Ways To Relieve Back Pain On The Go During A Busy Schedule

Back pain is an extremely difficult thing to live with, this is especially true however if you rely on your mobility and strength for work, in construction or manufacturing for example.

If this is you, you've probably started to accept your back pain as part of your day, just like your coffee in the morning or your commute to work.

Most likely pushing through the pain just to get the job done.

But what if there were a few easy ways to relieve back pain without taking hours out of your schedule?

In this blog, using years of experience at Roscoe Physio Therapy, you will learn about 4 of the easiest ways to relieve back pain on the go.

Working A Labor Intensive Job With Back Pain

Back pain can be a real productivity killer, especially in labor-intensive jobs. It's not just about the physical discomfort - it's about the ripple effect it has on your work and team dynamics.

Struggling with back pain can mean missing crucial deadlines because you simply can't work as quickly or efficiently. It can mean falling behind while others forge ahead, creating a gap that's hard to bridge.

You might find yourself repeatedly voicing your discomfort, feeling like a broken record playing the same old track of pain and frustration.

Whether you're on the manufacturing floor or a construction site, back pain can make you feel like you're not pulling your weight, adding a layer of guilt to the physical discomfort.

But remember, it's not your fault, and there are solutions out there.

1 - Take Breaks

You're probably thinking "This goes directly against what I've just read above". However did you know that taking small breaks during your day can significantly improve your productivity?

Especially if you are a construction worker, manufacturing employee, or business owner, long hours of standing or sitting can cause strain on your back and neck. Taking regular breaks throughout the day will give your body a rest.

Even if it’s just for five minutes every hour, getting up to stretch and taking some deep breaths can help relieve tension in your back muscles.

2 - Download Our Expert Guide

You can receive a copy of our free guide written by experts in their field at reducing back pain quickly and effectively.

Put an end to back pain and stiffness, the natural way...without having to resort to pain medications, injections, or surgery!

Have a copy delivered directly to your inbox by clicking the link below.

3 - Wear Proper Shoes

Wearing shoes with good arch support and cushioning can help reduce the strain placed on your back.

If you’re standing for long periods of time at work, shoes with good shock absorption can help minimize pain in the lower back.

Investing in the right pair of shoes can go a long way in preventing and reducing your pain.

It's always worth getting professionally fitted for shoes, especially if you are prone to back pain.

4 - Use Heat or Ice

Carrying an ice or heat patch with you to work is a great way to prepare for a flare-up before one occurs.

Applying heat or ice to the area of pain can help reduce swelling and inflammation in the back muscles.

For best results, alternate between using a heating pad for 15 minutes followed by an ice pack for 10-15 minutes until the pain subsides.

Ready For A Permanent Solution To Your Back Pain?

While effective all the tips above, only offer short-term relief from your pain, merely treating the symptoms rather than the root cause of your pain.

Have you already tried various remedies only to find they're not practical or effective in your labor-intensive routine?

At Roscoe Physio Therapy, we understand the unique challenges you face and have tailored solutions to help.

Physical therapy has been proven to offer a long-term solution for back pain, specifically designing treatment plans to cater to those in physically demanding jobs.

Our team of skilled therapists is committed to identifying the root cause of your discomfort and crafting personalized treatment plans aimed at alleviating your pain and improving your mobility.

We're excited to announce that Roscoe Physio Therapy is offering a FREE Back Pain Assessment for a limited time.

This is your opportunity to reclaim your strength and productivity, break free from the chains of back pain and smash your competition on the construction site!

But act quickly - spaces for this exclusive offer are limited and filling up fast!

If you're ready to regain your full potential on the job site, secure your free assessment today.

With Roscoe Physio Therapy, you can move from just coping with your pain to living completely free from it. Make the decision to take action now!

If you have any questions about physical therapy and what it can do for you, you can arrange to speak to one of our specialists, free of charge.

Don't let back pain hinder your hard work.

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